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Southern Duckmen is a hunting organization that has been together for about 10 years now. Our plans are to accept as many members to the organization as possible. That in our eyes is one way we can make the Southern Duckmen Organization’s voices heard.!

On this website you will find forums that all members will be able to use to share idea, tips and events that are upcoming. We are also working on a duck tracker where each member can record what and how many ducks are being taken in certain zones in the southern states. You will also be able to see exactly how much money we raise from each member we sign up and each member will get to vote on what the money will go to, to help restore and preserve our wonderful waterfowl habitats in the Southern States. We are also going to look into working with other fellow waterfowl organizations as well such as Delta Waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited . As a team, we think that we can all make a difference if we work together in this time of need.


The memberships that we are going to offer are FREE. For every Southern Duckmen apparel purchased, $2.00 will go towards making a difference to a project to benefit waterfowl hunting and wetlands in the Southern States. You as a member will get the chance to vote on what our donations go to. The other part of the money that would come from merchandise sales would be used to pay for the website and any updates that could benefit the website, such as better forum, more topics, separating the forum into sections of Louisiana and so on.

There are a lot of things that Southern Duckmen would like to accomplish, but without the help and dedication of all the true waterfowl hunters in the southern states we cannot make this possible. It will take time, patience, and everyone’s positive support, to make Southern Duckmen the main name in the Southern States for waterfowl hunting. All we are asking for is for you to join our organization, support our cause and help be part of the FUTURE OF WATERFOWL HUNTING in the SOUTH!




Southern Duckmen are habitat conservationist. We pride ourselves on responsible hunting practices, conservation, education and passing on the tradition to the youth of the south. We see a cold front not as a time to sleep in under the covers on a weekend but an opportunity to get a limit of ducks early at sunrise with our hunting buddies. We spend countless hours getting our dogs ready, loading the boat, watching the tides, the weather and brushing the blind for opening morning. We feel a bad day in the blind is better than a good day at work. Work is just something we do so we can hunt. A portion of our sales goes to conservation of wetlands, duck breeding grounds and youth education. Show your dedication and help us make a difference by becoming a Southern Duckmen Member today!

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