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“Best Southwest Louisiana Duck Hunting Around”


Southern Duckmen Outfitters has several different hunting packages to meet all your hunting needs. These hunts do not include your hunting license. Please have a look at the bottom of the page for information on licenses.  These hunt packages are all-inclusive other than your clothes, gun, shells and license.  We offer special rates for large groups and company packages. Our hunts book up quickly after the release of the waterfowl season dates; therefore, we must have a 50% nonrefundable deposit to reserve your date.  Cancellations may be rescheduled. If you do not reschedule, the deposit will be lost. These reservations insure your choice dates. Guides are provided with your hunt.  

Deluxe Hunting packages include lodging during your visit. Non-Hunters are welcome. Ask for details!


                            50% Deposit is Required to Book Hunt


Drive Up – Duck Hunts

 (Party of 3 required or can hunt up to 4 )

$250.00 per person per hunt 

** Note if Room accommodations are needed we charge $50.00 per person per night for rooms at The SD Camp


Drive Up – TEAL Hunts


3 Man Teal Hunts are $200.00 a gun per day

4 to 6 Man Teal Hunts are $150.00 a gun per day

**Afternoon Teal Hunts** $100 a gun 3 man Minimum.

** Note if Room accommodations are needed we charge $50.00 per person per night for rooms at The SD Camp


Specklebelly Goose and Conservation Hunt!! **Layout Blind Hunts**

Speck Hunts only $200.00 a gun(Drive Up) 

Conservation Hunts $200.00 a gun(Drive Up) ( No Limit on Snows and Blues)****Special Dates for Conservation**

** Note if Room accommodations are needed we charge $50.00 per person per night for rooms at The SD Camp


All of our hunts are available for GROUP/COMPANY rates.




We hunt flooded and dry rice and bean fields. It is recommended to bring waders but hip boots are ok as well. On the Ponds you will usually kill mixed limits of teal, widgeon, mallards, pintails, and gadwall.


Bird Processing

$3.00 per duck for cleaning. We have a Duck Plucking Machine at the camp that guides will pluck ducks upon request. All hunters are required to take their birds home with them upon departure. If hunters want to clean their own birds that is ok as well.



Hunters are NOT allowed to bring their own dogs; however, if there are acceptations, we expect your dog to be under control and we do not take responsibility if your dog ruins a hunt for you or someone else. When booking, please inform us if you would like to bring your dog. Please bring the necessities to care for your dog during your stay. As we said, your dog is not welcomed inside the Camp, you must have kennels to keep them warm and safe. We ask that you make sure your dog is courteous to other guests.


What to bring

  • Your best plugged waterfowl gun and steel shot (non-toxic ammunition preferably 3 inch- 4 shot).
  • Chest waders or Hip Boots for duck hunts.
  • Waterproof Mossy Oak Duck Blind or equal camouflage clothing and Face Mask.
  • Shell belt, or hunting vest.
  • Cooler to transport your ducks in for return trip home.
  • Flashlight.
  • Ear protection and Camera if desired.


Laws & Regulations

All hunters are required to have proper licenses prior to their scheduled hunt. Strict bag limits and magazine capacities will be enforced. For more information, please read through the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Waterfowl Hunting Regulations.


CONTACT US AT 337-501-7660


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