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Southern Duckmen’s mission is to become the largest waterfowl organization in the Southern States. We plan to keep the tradition within our youth hunters because they are the future to restoring and conserving our wetlands for waterfowl hunting.


Southern Duckmen was originally conceived during the 08-09 duck season by Joey W. Wiggins, an avid waterfowl guide in Southwest Louisiana. The moniker was originally meant to represent their group of friends and hunting buddies. To represent their group, a few shirts were made with the distinct Southern Duckmen Mallard and Woody Logo. It quickly became apparent by the reaction from people who saw the shirts, that Joey’s idea had potential.In May 2009, with first batch of shirts almost completely sold before they even arrived, the guys knew they had something special. They quickly launched the first version of and began offering membership. This is where the organization took on a life of its own.

As members from as far away as New Jersey joined, they brought with them their own ideas of what this organization should be and represent. Southern Duckmen now had a true identity as more than just a t-shirt company. It had become a community, as our slogan “For Duckmen, By Duckmen” represents, we have become a meeting place for the exchange of ideas, strategy, and issues. As our membership grows, we aim to becomethe voice for ALL SOUTHERN DUCKMEN OF THE SOUTHERN STATES!





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